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Welcome OEM, magic clay bar, clay pad, clay mitt, clay towel for car wash.
Here show that, we starts Brilliatech since 2006 on DIYTRADE. 
Today, we are pround of Brilliatech.  They are small company, But they are strong company.  
and we service more and more big Brand in car washing and care industry around the world.  We get their Brand Power Licensing for production and customs checking. Base business secrets, but we can not show the brands here.  Please follow up below points, you can get more knowledges about Magic Clay Products and Brilliatech in Car Care and Washing. Brilliatech start business since 2006, and passed ISO-9001, BSCI-B Grade, and SGS Factory Audit, the almost products passed test by lab.

1) ISO-9001 certificate:  please click here to check the certificate and audit process ISO-9001 for Brilliatech Magic clay products.  

2) BSCI certificate:   please click here to check the certificate and audit process BSCI  

3) more about the SGS Audit certificate and process

4) Brilliatech' Sample Room, Clay Bar MSDS, Clay Products Test Reports, Etc...

5) Brilliatech factory plate, warehouse plate
5.1) Fine Medium, Heavy Clay Bar process,>>>> King and P System Clay Bar Process. 
5.2) Brilliatech is the first one do clay bar in China and also the first one create magic clay bar in Chinese "洗车泥
5.3) about the clay bar progress in Brilliatech

We have been focusing the magic clay bar, and Extending different products. change the carrier and take different carriers.
After 2009, we were going to try take a carrier,that is sponge.   we take the clay to the sponge. 
than, we got a new type of clay products.  that is clay block.  clay pad, than to clay towel, and clay mitt; 
 when we change the clay bar, and improve the clay bar; we got different concept. also get different prodcuts.  

Now, maybe you want to ask below, 

6) What different grades of clay bars? 
6.1)How many grades of clay bar in Brilliatech clay system? 
6.2) How about fine, medium and heavy grades in clay system? 
6.3) How about the King1, King 2, and King 3 grades in clay system
6.4) What do "P" Piont grade of clay bars?
6.5) How many packages of the clay bars?  

7) What  differnt clay bar with clay block
7.1)What garde clay on the sponge for clay block
7.2) How to say the clay blcok is easy use than clay bar?  
7.3) How does the clay block works
7.4)How about the pacakges for magic clay block?

8) And also what different clay bar with other type clay products as clay towel, clay mitt, clay pads
8.1 What different clay bar with clay towel
8.2) What different clay bar with clay mitt
8.3) What different clay bar with pad
8.4) How many grades and colors of clay mitt, clay towels,clay pad?  

9)How to OEM the clay products ? (clay mitt, clay towel, clay pad )
9.1) How to OEM the magic clay bar? 
9.2) How to OEM custom the magic clay towel
9.3) How to OEM custom the magic clay mitt
9.4) How to custom clay pad

10) How to sell the clay products (clay mitt, clay pads, clay towel, clay block and magic clay bar)? 

11)  How to use the clay products clay bar,clay mitt, clay pads, clay towel, clay block.
How to use the clay mitt, 
How to use clay pads
How to use clay towel, 
How to use clay block  (1)  (2)
How to use magic clay bar? 

12) Many clay products here, how we choose the clay product to sale?  

13)  How about the quality of clay bar products

14)   How about the clay products in the future marketing?  marketing is changing, and prodcuts also changing according to the marketing.  because the cars changeing and protect method also changing.  we also changing and improing to meet customer and marketing.......